We focus 100% on the competitive water market in the UK

At Ascendancy we believe that the best way to develop a competitive advantage is to be totally single minded about what you are passionate about. For us that is ensuring that our clients are able to access the knowledge and resources required to operate in the exciting new UK water market. That is why we only do competitive water consulting, services and software.


Our team of industry experts will help you whether you are new to the water industry or just new to competition. By focusing on understanding your goals we ensure that we help you to develop processes that maximise your competitive advantage.


Our services team can support you business by supporting your market and customer obligations. This ensures that you can operate effectively without needing the large scale investment to develop these servics in house. Keeping you lean and competitive.


Our combination of in house and partner software solutions ensures that you have all the technical tools you need to manage your business, from data and settlement reconciliation to meter reading and wholesaler tracking.


Our experienced team of trainers and coaches will ensure that your team and your wider business understand everyting they need to know about competitive water. Ensuring that everyone has the skills they need to gain and maintain your advantage.